Finally! It is here! It has been a journey in the five years of making this album,'We Are Changed' and I am so thankful that it is ready for the world! With the help from my amazing L.A. based producer, Gregg Allen and Kauai based engineer/producer, Will Lydgate, I feel totally confident in this new representation of me:)

'We Are Changed' has a completely different feel to it than my last CD, 'In This Moment.' While my past one was in the "well-produced" pop singer/songwriter genre, this new one has a different sound... It is pop/reggae with an electronic/dub edge that will make you want to get up off your tush and shake it!

The title track #3 'We Are Changed' is the original electronic dance version and then we had it remixed by DJ David Starfire as the last song on the CD, and he added his signature dub step vibe to it. We also shot a music video with Joel Guy on Kauai with the belly dance troupe that I dance with, Sudeeka for the Starfire version of the song. That is why I chose to name the CD 'We Are Changed.' It's a movement all in itself, as well as the theme of the CD. Each song is somehow tied into the journey of self discovery and living the best life ever. And the epiphanies and cross roads along the paths of our lives are the crucial moments that change us and let us re-choose our destinies and how we live our lives.

'We Are Changed' is a very modern and edgy way of expressing my new and more rooted in my self, Self;) I'm excited about changing my sound a bit and seeing what the world thinks!